A revolutionary product introduced by Genesis International U.A.E in collabration with Dacuda AG - Switzerland . This exceptional unique product brand known as " mobscan " is a computer mouse with built-in scan technology. By starting the scan button and dragging the mouse in a right to left movement over the documents it does real time visualizations and processing . This Mouse Scanner is integrated with a leading text recognition (OCR) frame works supporting over 190 languages. Text , tables and images are instantly editable in Word, Excel or other popular application. Contents can also be shared with a single click on popular social networks or by email. It allows fast and error free data entry into any application.

What is mobScan.?
  • Combination of Mouse and Scanner
  • Scan images up to A3 size
  • Easy import and instant editing with Microsoft office Applications
  • Easy Scaning while Travelling
  • 400 DPI- High -resolution image output
  • Faster Scanning of document individualy
  • Transmission of scanning docs easier and quicker
  • And Many More Application